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intuitive readings

What is an intuitive card reading and how does it work?

Intuitive readings are psychic readings given to clients using inner knowledge and a variety of different tools intuitively for the purpose of spiritual guidance. At Clear Connections we offer Intuitive Card Readings fascilitated by the use of Angel Cards, Oracle Cards and Angelic Tarot Cards.

These cards are used by light carriers and sensitives as a means to intuitively explore issues and situations in your life which you may require spiritual guidance in. Everything that is happening on the outside of your life is, in some way, a reflection of your inner life.

Human beings have an aura around them visible to sensitives who are able to read the history and imprints a person carries within them. When, in answer to a question, you choose a card or have a card/cards chosen for you, your energy links to the card to reveal the answer you seek. An intuitive card reader will work on an energetic vibrational level tuning in to the client, their aura, their energy pattern and the universal consciousness field of potentiality, where all is known for answers.
Intuitive readings use inner knowledge to read the signs and interpret them as they apply to your life. Intuition relies on clear – seeing, otherwise known as clairvoyance , and clear – feeling, or clairsentience . Intuition also relies on clear knowing – sometimes called claircognizance and clear – hearing, also known as clairaudience. We all have intuitive abilities and carry the keys to our own answers on our individual journeys.

An intuitive card reader facilitates the interpretation of the cards you have chosen and their personal meaning for you as they relate to your life.

Angel Card Reading

These readings are very uplifting, comforting and healing.

We all have angels helping and guiding us through our lives and we use the Angel cards to link in and receive messages from the higher angelic realm. These readings are given to help guide you along life’s journey and through situations that may be happening around you. They are positive, comforting and healing; as angels are powerful yet very gentle carers.

When giving an angel card reading we will work in a psychic way, using our own intuition along with the higher vibrational angelic messages. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that a connection with spirit may also be made during an intuitive card reading. However, it will only be presented if that is the wish of the client.

A reading will last approximately 45 minutes, either in person (if possible) or via Skype.

Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations will not be refunded without at least 24 hours prior notice